Top Five Cycling Adventures in the United Kingdom

When people think of going on great cycling adventures in the big outdoors, they often think of extreme locations in exotic areas of the earth. However, some of the best adventures are a bit closer to home and offer thrilling rides and gorgeous scenery. While there are numerous exciting experiences across the UK, these are the top five outdoor cycling adventures to do on your next holiday.

Lake District

One of the UK’s most loved national parks, the Lake District, sports stunning landscapes and gorgeous glacial waters. It is a fantastic place to go on a long cycle trip near England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike. Contrasting the mountain is England’s deepest lake, known as Wastwater, which is open for boating and taking a leisurely cycle ride around its perimeter. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy for an extended holiday or just a longer weekend trip.

Cycling Holiday

If you are an avid cycler, then consider booking a cycling holiday from Hooked on Cycling, and select from a variety of tours and self-guided options. England offers a wide variety of landscapes and levels for an exciting holiday cycling across the picturesque landscapes. Many other countries offer flat terrain followed by steep mountains, but cyclists can look forward to many unique terrains over just a week in England, making it the perfect adventure for a variety of experiences.

The Cotswolds

If you are an avid historian, then the Cotswolds is the perfect setting for your next great adventures. Cycle through Stratford Upon Avon, which is the home of Shakespeare, followed by small quintessential English villages. Many of the towns you pass through, such as Stow on the Wold, feature thatched roofs which transport you back to a leisurely time in the past.


Devon forms a large part of Southwest England and is notoriously known as a popular destination for holiday because of the variety of activities and diversity in nature. Dartmoor National Park provides a beautiful ride through small towns and nature reserves. With scenery along the ride ranging from rolling hills to small villages and even coastline landscapes, don’t forget to stop for tea in the area of England where “Cream Tea” and clotted cream were first created!

Always consider what level of cycling fits your amount of expertise, and choose an adventure that will provide the best experience. Research and select a company that both communicates effectively by providing a smooth booking process, in addition to giving you plans and maps to ensure your safety. As you plan your next cycling holiday, remember that the options close to home are endless, and a self-guided tour is the perfect way to unwind and relax as you glide through stunning landscapes and heartwarming villages.