Renting Conference Rooms? Here’s what you need To Know!

Business managers and entrepreneurs often end up overlooking some of the critical aspects while selecting conference rental spaces. Let’s face it – you will need better venues for your business and corporate events, and it makes no sense to shift to a bigger office, when you can hire venues whenever required. In this post, we will talk about some of the aspects about renting conference rooms.

  • Location and ambience matters. Professional environment makes a big difference, especially if it’s a meeting for staff or a training workshop. For client conferences, you would want a more formal setup. The idea is to judge your requirements first. For example, when you are looking for a location d’une salle de congrès en estrie, you need to check the location and whether that’s accessible for your guests.

  • Know the costs. Not two events are the same, and it’s easy to understand why no two venues are not same either. While the upfront costs may seem lower, some venues have add-ons that may eventually increase the bill. Be very specific about what you really require and whether some of the services can be discounted.
  • Facilities on offer. When it comes to corporate needs, certain requirements become obvious – wi-fi, projection setup, adequate sound systems, printers, and options like video conferences. Ask the hotel or venue to give an idea of their capacities and services in form of a PPT presentation, if possible.

Before you settle for an option, ask these relevant questions –

  • Can they arrange for other equipment or requirements, if given in advance?
  • Do they have an in-house team of IT staff members for support?
  • Do they take up catering services? If yes, can the client customize the menus?
  • What’s included in the price?
  • What percentage of the final price must be deposited in advance?
  • What are the refund and cancellation norms?
  • How early do they accept bookings?
  • What’s the largest corporate event they have managed so far?
  • Will I get an estimate on paper or email?
  • Do they have rooms for accommodation of guests, if required?

With a tad extra effort, you can sort your venue requirements effectively. It is always better to plan in advance, so that you have more choices worth comparing. If you need conference rooms frequently, you can always choose to go for a contract, if the venue has a choice for that.