Looking for A Vacation to Amazon to Get Refreshed? Attractive Choices You have

If you are looking forward to a nice vacation trip along with your family then trip around Amazon river can really be a great choice for you. Amazon is a long river, which flows through eight different countries and you can choose to visit any of these countries. Besides that, you can also see very large forest where you can find different varieties of plant species, bird species and different varieties of fishes, mammals and amphibians.

With the Amazon trip of a lifetime you are not restricting your choice to any particular country, but can choose any of the 8 to 9 countries, where Amazon is called in many different names in their respective languages. In every country that you choose you come across different kind of culture and environment along with different kinds of challenges.

Brazil can be an attractive choice for you

Amazon River flows through Brazil which is 5th largest country of the world and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. You can find waterfalls, large forest with wild life, historical colonial cities, gorgeous beaches and many other scenic beauties. Some of the tourist attractions are as follows:

  • Porto de Galinhas
  • Campos do Jordao
  • Lencois Maranhenses National park
  • Florianopolis Beaches
  • Praia de Pipa
  • Museu de Arte Contemporanea
  • Buzios
  • Aparados da Serra National park
  • Cathedral of Brasilia

Few other countries

If you are mainly interested in wildlife then you can choose to visit Peru, Colombia or Ecuador. People with special interest in wildlife can contact some tour companies who take group of people with similar interest to explore bears, rare monkeys or jaguars etc. If you ever plan to visit such places during rainy season then you can see submerged forests and different bird species and magnificent jungles all around.

When should you travel?

It is really very difficult to say the exact months as the season varies around Amazon. However, broadly speaking people mostly prefer to visit during rainy season to enjoy beautiful scenery. From November/December to June is generally the time when it rains however in Ecuador from January to March is dry season.

In most of other places July to December is dry season when temperature may also rise, which may reduce mosquitoes. If you are interested to explore beaches or interested in sight seeing or fishing then it is right time to visit.