Good reasons to Retire in Thailand: Accommodation

I understand people who reside in Thailand quite happily on $800/month. They are not residing in Bangkok, an enormous city using the greatest living costs in Thailand. $800 is a touch tight for Chiang Mai, the traditional cultural town of 1.six million my home.

For $1200/month you are able to live easily in Chiang Mai and do OK in Bangkok if to consider bargains.

The amount of which will spent on accommodation? Your alternatives are wide.

Within the last 6 several weeks I have lived inside a studio apartment inside a working-class a part of Chiang Mai. It’s cooled with a fan, the furnishings is below IKEA’s standards and also the bed mattress is awful, however i rested soundly enough. Rent, water and electricity require me to pay $70 (2,100 Baht)/ month.

I rented it since i was writing a magazine around the people we Westerners rarely meet: working-class Thais. I needed to understand the way they live. (Answer: much more happy than most wealthy people).

The following month I’ll return to my condo-Thais give them a call moo baan-within the hillsides around the fringe of single,000 Km-deep forest that incurs Burma. It is a new, fully furnished, air-conditioned bed room study family room large modern bathroom, with higher views, a large balcony, and good mix-ventilation. 10 mins from town, it’s on a serene street miles from any serious traffic, with 24-hour gated security. We have an impressively higher level of construction and finished. I rented it particularly since it is so attractive. The cost? $230/month, including limitless, high-speed Internet.

That’s the type of place that many upon the market Westerners can get to purchase (beginning at $50,000) or rent once they come here. If you wish to be nearer to that old Capital of scotland- Chiang Mai (it truly is old: 700 years) count on paying more because you are rivaling vacationers.

A buddy who lives a couple of blocks from use is renting a conventional wooden Thai house (they resemble gingerbread houses). Two floors, with polished rosewood floors, three bedrooms and maid’s quarters. He pays $300/month. He’s near to an active road and it has no security, but he is doing possess a nice backyard.

Before you decide to hop on the following plane to Thailand, be cautioned: Thai cooking facilities are often very limited, because Thais prefer to eat at restaurants or get takeout enroute home. Your kitchen is generally a rather cramped countertop-the type you’ll still get in 1950s-vintage La houses. Not really a stove. Cooking inside with gas is nearly unknown. You utilize an electrical countertop range, that is a bit tough for serious cooks.