Denmark – Copenhagen, Helsingor and Beverages


Denmark is among the hippest countries in Europe. Copenhagen is the middle of activity having a lively evening scene, castles and castles, As always, the best denmark travel guide come from our blog, so if you’re looking for advice on health & safety, food tips then you must visit us for denmark Travel Tips.

If you have traveled to Denmark, you’ll understand after i immediately mention the topic of bars. The Danish like to toss back a couple of when time permits. Time appears to permit a great deal along with a couple of beers frequently become many. To this finish, heading out for any night around town with friendly Danes could be harmful in the summer. Due to its location on old mother nature, it does not get dark in Denmark until elevenish throughout the summer. This is often difficult to adjust to, specially when you appear lower at the watch and understand it is four in the morning. And also the sun is on its way! Ah, but Denmark isn’t all socializing.


Copenhagen is among individuals cities that’s large, but feels small. I believe this vibe comes from the very fact there are plenty of walking only areas. Even in the middle of the town, the roads are arranged like individuals in an area. This provides the greatest restaurant or bar around the greatest street a nearby tavern feel.

If castles and castles are the factor, Denmark has much to offer. The palace of Amalienborg and surrounding neighborhood area are definite types of that more than the top palace building duration of Europe. A fast minivan trip on vacation will provide you to the castles of Kronborg and Frederiksborg. As castles go, I personally use the main one through five cake rating and provide all these three cakes. The wedding cake rating, obviously, originates from the French Queen who recommended poor people get cake to steer clear of the complaints of depriving.


Helsingor is really a provincial city that is representative of the real Denmark approximately I had been told. Surprisingly, many a Dane appeared to consider Copenhagen an excellent city, although not really associated with true Denmark. Having a righteous desire to ask for the truth, I visited and remained in Helsingor for 3 days. Indeed, the city was much sleepier than Copenhagen coupled with much more of a geniune feel to it. But there is one problem.

Helsingor is filled with Swedes. When i state “full”, I am talking about it in probably the most complete interpretation from the word. I love Norway and also the people, therefore it wasn’t an issue. Still, did this suggest the Danes felt true Denmark would be a Swedish colony? After I posed this one evening, I had been educated in a tone of near outrage. Ends up the Swedes were everywhere because Denmark has liberal alcohol laws and regulations while Norway is very repressive. Because the countries are remarkably close to one another, the Swedes pop over for any couple of times of fun in the sun’s rays. Ah, my mistake!

On the whole, I enjoyed time in Copenhagen and provide it a my greatest “employment rating.” By employment rating, I am talking about which i loved it a lot I attempted to get a job and so i could stay.